Julia wrapper for gb

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Getting Started

GroebnerBasis.jl is a Julia interface to the gb C library for computing Groebner bases. It is written and maintained by Christian Eder. GroebnerBasis.jl is part of the Oscar project.

The features of GroebnerBasis so far include:


To use GroebnerBasis.jl we require Julia 0.6 or higher. Please see for instructions on how to obtain julia for your system. Due to GroebnerBasis’ main usage at the moment (i.e. having a Singular ideal, compute a Groebner basis for it and return this basis in Singular format) GroebnerBasis.jl depends on Singular.jl (see

At the Julia prompt simply type

julia> Pkg.add("GroebnerBasis")

Quick start

Here is an example of using GroebnerBasis.jl

julia> using GroebnerBasis

# Get the affine katsura-4 example w.r.t. DRL monomial order over a field of characteristic 65521:
# returns the Singular ideal I and the corresponding polynomial ring R.
julia> R,I = GroebnerBasis.katsura_4(65521)

# Computes a Groebner basis G for I, G is then again a Singular ideal and can be handled
# in Singular for further computation.
julia> G = GroebnerBasis.f4(I)
Singular Ideal over Singular Polynomial Ring (ZZ/65521),(x1,x2,x3,x4),(dp(4),C) with generators
(x1+2*x2+2*x3+2*x4-1, x2^2+2*x1*x3+2*x2*x4-x3,